Become A Prospective Psychologist Today! Psychology Degree Requirements

by Teresa Eckton

Psychology Degree Today!

The subject of Psychology in general includes the investigation and the study of the human behavior and way of thinking in different conditions, surroundings and situations. Although the subject of psychology unites a great number of fields all of them study the human behavior but from different sides and taking into consideration various aspects of the human consciousness and subconsciousness what really makes you better understand the human behavior, look In order to become a prospective psychologist one needs to obtain the necessary training, knowledge and degree. Only professional psychologists are offered a great number of excellent job opportunities. Your future psychology career depends on the number of factors including the field you will choose to work at as well as on the degree in the field of psychology you will obtain. The matter is that every level of educational degree suggests you particular psychology sector to be employed in. Thus, those psychologists having a higher degree have an opportunity to select jobs from a much larger variety of available professions in the field.

Bachelor's Degree

Usually, those students who have obtained an undergraduate degree in psychology have very few job opportunities while those people having the master's or doctorate in psychology, as well as those graduates with a bachelor's degree. Nevertheless, such job opportunities may not involve working positions in the field of psychology. It would be wrong to think that undergraduate degree in psychology is too little in order to work somewhere. Nevertheless, it is of great help to students in developing their professional skills which will be necessary in future psychology careers.

If a student has obtained a bachelor's degree in psychology, he or she is able to make a career of assisting practicing psychologists and similar professionals in a great number of different surroundings, for instance, rehabilitation offices, correctional facilities, mental health centers and of course hospitals. Besides, other employment opportunities include those in customer service, business management, and sales.

A lot of psychology graduates having a bachelor's degree may be employed in many section of human or social services and obtain one of the following job positions: Career Counselor, Case Management, Psychiatric Technician, or Rehabilitation Specialist.

If you obtain a Bachelor's Degree a number of job positions become available to you, for instance, the government sector is open to candidates with a bachelor's degree in psychology and have covered minimum twenty-four semester hours in the subject of psychology, or to those students who have the similar kind of education and working experience. Such a suggestion sounds to be very attractive with the intention to earn one of these job positions. Job opportunities in the government sector are the ones suggesting legal employment of a psychologist in the United States of America without the need to obtain a higher degree except for the Bachelor's degree.

Master's Degree

The next degree after the bachelor's degree is the master's degree, which may be generally earned by industrial-organizational, (IO psychologists) and clinical psychologists. Those graduates who have obtained a master's degree are offered a number of various job opportunities like assisting doctoral level psychologists in their research work. Students having the Master's degree in psychology are suggested a great number of other job opportunities in the field of psychology. Besides, many graduates possessing a Master's degree in psychology may be employed in the fields of education, government, or business. The ability to work in the close surrounding with people as well as investigating the human mind will be a great advantage in your resume which you may use in further employment.

Still, few graduates having a Master's degree in psychology may be employed in the social service area. Thus, an individual may make a career of a counselor in some field. The job position of a counselor is in great need in various industries. One may work in educational field, for instance, and take the position of a school counselor. In addition, some people may want to become a counselor in one of drug rehabilitation centers. Only the job of a counselor opens a great number of career opportunities. For a person in order to obtain a master's degree in psychology he or she needs to complete two years of education within a complete generally accepted graduate program. An individual also needs to receive a hands-on experience in a definite surrounding and to complete an original research project describing some particular topic in a master's thesis.

Specialist's Degree (or equivalent)

A specialist's degree is another level of psychology education which is usually obtained by young people who wish to make a career of a school psychologist, despite the fact that a doctoral degree may be also obtained by a school psychologist. The general requirements for an individual to obtain the Educational Specialist Degree, or specialist degree in school psychology, include minimum two years of graduate education with the help of a full-time program (which includes sixty or more graduate semester hours). In addition, an individual is also required to complete a full-time internship which lasts approximately one year in duration. The major job responsibilities of school psychologists are to research the mental health of schoolchildren as well as different educational issues of psychological development of schoolchildren. Thus, comprehensive kind of training is extremely important for a school psychologist.

Doctor's Degree

The higher level above the Bachelor's, Master's, Specialist's degrees is the Doctor's degree which is an important requirement for those people who wish to start an independent practice on the job position of a psychologist. The two doctor's level degrees in psychology include the Ph.D. (a doctorate of philosophy) and the Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology). Obtaining the Doctor's Degree offers its students a great variety of different of job opportunities, for instance, job positions in teaching, research, counseling and clinical positions, health care services, government and private industry, elementary and secondary schools. Usually, the doctor's degree demands at least five years of full-time education, which finishes with the comprehensive examinations as well as completing an original research dissertation.